Why Sugar Paint?

The Value Proposition

The motto of Sugar Paint is "more for less".  We guarantee you will get a paint that is more flexible and provides more paint for your creative dollar for your furniture and decor projects.

How?  Sugar Paint has been designed so that you can make the required amount for your project.  This means that from a single tin of white base paint you can paint a wide variety of projects and make as many colours as you like.

Why Sugar Paint?
The Flexibility of the Sugar Paint System

Sugar Paint has been designed to be completely flexible.  You get to choose:

  1. The colour shade/s;

  2. The type of finish, i.e. silky, chalky, mat or glossy, milky, etc.;

  3. The type of paint for your project such as indoor, exterior, hard wearing enamel;

  4. You minimise waste by only using the amount necessary for your project;

  5. For advanced users there are many additional features such as pearl effect, glow in the dark and many more;

  6. With the Paint& Dye version, you can even dye fabrics.

Sugar Paint can be applied to most surfaces including glass, metals, woods, leather, plastics - just about anything.  Look at my Gallery to see what I have achieved - all my own work.

Why Sugar Paint?