What you have developed Bea is absolutely amazing on so many levels!  A brilliant concept.
So incredibly easy and fun to use with a colour range that gives me excited butterfly feelings in my tummy (yes it is possible I sound a little cuckoo lol).  Every colour is just beautiful and the shades one can create from one colour are endless!  I never know which colour to use first as they are all so yummy and my favourite... if they were edible I'd be drinking them as I paint!!.
I have used them on glass, terracotta pots, wood metal and plastic in which it has all worked beautifully.
Love! Love! Love Sugar Paint!
Indigo Ali

Bea’s paint is amazing. I live in the USA. My daughter found her web site and I ordered appliqués originally and found out she made paint sugar paint.  I was curious, so I told her my favorite colors and she sent me some free of charge and walked me through how to use it and it was fantastic.  She showed me how I could use it with water or milk and come up with a new product that I bought. I had a piece of furniture I wanted to redo and not have to reupholster, and her stuff worked amazing. I dyed the fabric on the chair. I wish I would’ve found her before I spent hundreds of dollars on another well-known chalk paint that one color is what it supposed to be, and you can adjust the shades to any color you like.  It’s amazing and I highly recommend it that’s why have it shipped around the world to get it. Thank you, Bea, for your amazing creation of sugar paint.