Sugar Paint is a new way to paint furniture and decor.  Sugar Paint puts you in control of the creative process.  How?  It does this by allowing you to create much more with a lot less.  For example, from one four liter tin of paint, you can:

  • Create as many colours as you like;

  • Choose the type of finish to suit your project, e.g. chalky, milky or silky finishes;

  • Choose the best type of paint for your project, e.g. indoor paint base, outdoor paint base or even a hard wearing water based enamel;

  • Eliminates waste and left over tinted paint; and

  • With the Paint & Dye version, allows you to dye fabrics quickly and mess free.

Sugar Paint comes in three versions, depending where you are on your creative journey:

  1. Sugar Paint powder;

  2. Paint & Dye powder; and

  3. Pre-mixed paint.

You will quickly find that using Sugar Paint will allow you to explore your creative boundaries without the limitations of other decorative paints due to the flexibility of the system.  And to top it off, your budget will go much further with Sugar Paint, with it in many cases compared to other decorative paints in the market - allow you to create significantly for with the same budget.

Sugar Paint is a trademarked and patented product - created by a creator for creators.  Seeing is believing - check out my gallery and videos.


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