Ninas Lavender Paint and Dye ,  The prettiest Lavender , like being in a Lavender field , my beautiful Friend Nina made for her.... want to explore your creativity. you can mix your shades of lavender with any water based white paint , and then match your decor by dyeing tablecloths lace cutains,whatever your hearts desire to match yur projects  . Yes one powder can totally do this on less than JUST  1 TEASPOONS of sweet sugar  .... 

Why Sugar Paint?

I love creating... but not at any cost.  I don't like waste and I like my creative budget to go as far as possible.  From frustration, I began to ponder the attributes my perfect paint might have.  I wanted a paint that let me, the creator be in control.  This meant:


1. I wanted to be in control of the shade of colour;


2. I wanted to have a paint that enabled me to choose the finish, such as chalky, silky, flat or other;


3. I didn't want waste - I wanted to be able to use just what I needed for my project and not be left with un-wanted paint;


4. I wanted to maximise what I could create with my budget.  As a creator I liked to experiment with finishes and the cost of some paints always made me hesitate;


5. I wanted the paint to enable me to paint across a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass and even fabrics and leather;


6. I wanted to be able to dye (not paint) fabrics.


So with these goals in mind, I set about creating beautiful colours and a paint system that put me, the creator, back in control.  And after about five years of development, Sugar Paint is here that ticks all of these boxes.

Ninas Lavender Paint and Dye Powder