Sugar Paint®

Creating Your Way

Color Your World Beautiful

Sugar Paint is a new and innovative way of creating.  It enables you to be in complete control of the creative process and removes all the  limitations of traditional paint products.  With this one product, you can be in complete control of:

  • the colour shade;

  • the type of finish, i.e chalky, silky, glossy, milky, low sheen or flat;

  • the durability of the finish, i.e. outdoor projects, hard wearing surfaces like table tops and even large flat surfaces like walls;

  • or for special effects like pearlescent, glow in the dark or other finishes.

In addition to this, from a single tin of white base paint, you can make as many colours as you like.  This means it is extremely cost effective, economical and efficient with nearly all waste eliminated.

Sugar Paint has been tested across many continents of the world meaning it is completely adaptable to both hot, cold, wet and dry climates.

Sugar Paint