Bea Hare creator of Sugar Paint

About the Creator of Sugar Paint

Bea is a grounded, pragmatic and passionate about creating and giving new life to old furniture and décor.

She found that her creative process was often limited by the products she used. Most products on the market were expensive, inflexible and unable to deliver on what her creative processes asked for.

She decided to create her own paint to address all the shortcomings.  Her inspiration for her colours is nature in all of its beauty and majesty. Her innovative and patented design for Sugar Paint removes the limitation of product by being highly flexible.  You get to choose the type of finish (chalky, silky, matt or low sheen or glossy), you get to have control over the shade of colour, you get to choose the right base paint for your project (indoors, outdoors, hard wearing of delicate).  In addition, with the Paint & Dye version of Sugar Paint, you can even dye fabrics and materials.  This means that Sugar Paint can be your decorating solution across so many mediums.  It has also been designed to be extremely economical and minimise waste.

Her business now spans the online world as well as a lovely outlet down by the water at Victoria Point, known as the Creative Cottage.